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The Radiohead Dictionary

cheesecake n. real-person slash fiction involving Radiohead members. Prob. written by sexually-frustrated teenage girls. Also called cake.

Coz var. of COLIN. An endearing name for Colin Greenwood. Usu. used by the band and fans.  Also called Cozzie.

Ed (to pull an Ed) to be mildly stoned and overly optimistic then to make false promises for the future. Results in a mixture of disappointment and rage.

Ex. Summer 2010 interview with Ed O’Brien: Ideally it would be great if [The King of Limbs] came out sometime this year. It has got to. I hope so. We’re at the finishing line.
Antonym Selway

Ed Bro’Brien var. of ED O’BRIEN. A name that connotes E. O’Brien’s reportedly bro-ish nature due to his love of marijuana, consumption of alcohol, and tall muscular figure.

Jawnny var. of JONNY. A name used to emphasize his strong jaw line.

Jenny var. of JONNY. A name used to refer to Jonny Greenwood in the Pablo Honey, The Bends, and OK Computer eras, the time period in which he was willowy, pouty, and feminine.

Jonny Thurthday n. TUMBLR day of Thursday when photographs of J. Greenwood are posted. Spelling of THURSDAY altered to allude to said band member’s minor lisp. Celebrated consistently.

New Yorke var. of NEW YORK. Common spelling error made by fans who are automated to spell YORKE. Goes unnoticed by other Radiohead fans.

Phil Is Great a very obscure fan club founded in Japan in the mid 90s. Commends Phil Selway, prob. out of pity. Has less than 20 members.

Phil Phriday n. TUMBLR day of Friday when photographs of P. Selway are posted. Acknowledged by few persons. Maximum three photographs are posted when celebrated.

Radioheads, The var. of RADIOHEAD. 1. name used ironically to mock persons who know little of Radiohead and try to act otherwise for the cool factor of liking said band. (Ex. OMG I love the Radioheads!11 “Creep” is their best song!) 2. Name used by aging parents.

Sally n. an extremely committed female Radiohead fan. (Ex. Oh my God, she killed five pedestrians as she was driving to the record shop to buy the new Radiohead album. What a Sally.)
[originates from this illustration]

schlang schlang schlang interj. the guitar sounds in the song “The Bends.” [from band member Jonny Greenwood]

Selway v. 1. to kill all excitement and remaining glimmers of hope about something esp. after someone pulling an Ed. Usu. an overly realistic statement.

Ex. Fall 2010 interview with Phil Selway: After discussing [The King of Limbs recordings] we might just throw this all out and say maybe we need to go back to the drawing board. Who knows, as I say, it’s all up in the air at the moment.
- Selwayed p.t. Selwaying pres. Antonym to pull an Ed

swish n. (used exclusively for J. Greenwood) the graceful swinging movement of J. Greenwood’s glorious, conditioned hair.

thomosexual 1. adj. feeling of sexual attraction to Thomas Edward Yorke. (Sometimes exclusive sexual attraction to Thom Yorke) 2. n. a thomosexual person. - thomosexuality n. thomosexually adv.
[originates from English comedian Adam Buxton]

Thonny 1. CHEESECAKE the T. Yorke and J. Greenwood same-sex pairing. 2. TUMBLR photographs depicting only T. Yorke and J. Greenwood in the frame. Usu. platonic in manner.